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September 17, 2020
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Hints For Embellishing Your Baby's Nursery

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Fixing up a baby's nursery can be a lot of fun. However, it does not have to be a pricey task. Instead of looking for materials for decoration which you have to purchase, it is actually quite simple to make them. This will not only be more affordable, but also help the nursery to look much more personalized. Developing your own decorations will also be very enjoyable. Here are a couple of easy decorating suggestions that you can use to produce the perfectly designed nursery, even if you don't have many imaginative or "crafty" skills.

Easy Wall Designs

Enhancing the nursery walls can certainly be easy and inexpensive, especially if you plan on doing a good deal of the work yourself. A Wallpaper border can be very uncomplicated even for beginning designers apply, and quite affordable. Or, save all the more money by creating a stenciled border available the top edge of the room, or at chair rail height. Using nothing more than a purchased stencil, a stencil brush and also some acrylic craft paints, you can add a customized and artistic effect. Or, if you are feeling especially creative, you could even cut out a stencil pattern for yourself, using clear acetate sheets. If you are feeling rather uninspired you might look at a kid's coloring book for ideas. You can also use a baby quilt to embellish a wall. All you need to do is put a quilt rack bar up the wall, and put up a cute quilt. You can add much more to catch the eye by hanging paintings, or arts prints, or even maybe a few of your own personal drawings inside silver picture frames on the walls of the nursery. In fact, if you have older children, have them come up with some of their own drawings for adding add to the nursery decoration. This is a wonderful way to include your more mature children, and they will moreover be very happy to behold their artwork presented in picture frames.

Basic Window Treatments

Fun window treatments can often be a great way to make the nursery look very appealing. Though it isn't difficult to find draperies, curtains, and shades to buy, it can be much more affordable to create your own curtains. Begin by purchasing fabric, or even a flat sheet. Purchasing a baby sheet that goes with the rest of the nursery's bedding can be a great way to achieve a matched up look. Make two panels of curtains for each window, each one being the full width of the window, so that the curtains will be good and full. When measuring and cutting the fabric, make sure you add an extra six inches of length and about two inches of width, this should be enough for the top pocket for the curtain rod and also the hem. Sew all along the left side and right side of both panels, creating a narrow hem. And then, sew a deep hem at the bottom of the curtain for a nice hanging effect. Along the uppermost edge, fold the cloth over twice to form a pocket deep enough to hold the curtain rod. Sew horizontally across the bottom and the top of the folded edges, forming the curtain rod pocket. Then, simply insert a curtain rod into both top pockets, and hang.

Infant Photographs

It goes without saying that a baby's room just wouldn't be a baby's room without a few baby photos in frames. Place a couple of your favorite photos in cute baby picture frames, and present them around the room on shelves, table tops or walls. Or perhaps create a photo collage to frame then place on a wall.

So don't be overwhelmed when you get to thinking about decorating your baby's nursery, as there are several easy and creative ways to make the nursery look great.


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