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October 4, 2020
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Home Remedy for Diaper Rash

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It is time to change your little one's diaper and wow! You see a red bottom in front of you. Obviously your child has a diaper rash.

Do not panic, diaper rash is a common thing for babies and every one has had it at least once. It can be caused by everything from improper cosmetics to bad skin balance. Of the many remedies available today, I prefer the home remedies.

The good news is that there are many ways to fight it before running to the doctor. Here are some of the most effective diaper rash cures.

The first home cure for diaper rash is warm water and air. In most of the cases diaper rash appears because your baby's skin has been damp and not aerated for a long time. The usual scenario is that you use plastic or rubber diaper pants and when your baby damps them the moisture has no way out. Clean your baby with warm water only and leave it with no diapers as long as you can. Some mothers even leave their children like this for the whole day and put on diapers only during the night.

Some diaper rashes are caused by the cosmetics you use to clean you bay. Try to use only trusted cosmetics and make sure they are alcohol and perfume free. The same rule applies to the laundry detergents you use to wash your baby clothes. Obviously you should wash the baby's clothes separately using only suitable detergents.

A great home cure for diaper rash is the Cornstarch. You can mix it with the me you are applying to your baby's bottom or use it in place of the powder. Another home cure is the vinegar. Clean your baby's bottom using a cotton ball dipped in vinegar; add some to the water used to rinse its bottom.

There are many more natural ways to keep your child healthy and happy. No matter how you are fighting a diaper rash you should be alert during all the time and know when to seek medical attention. Some rashes are easily cured with simple things such as better hygiene routine. However some rashes can be very consistent and turn into a real problem. If the rash is not disappearing in several days go to see a doctor. He will be able to determine what caused it and if you need to get some medicines to cure it.


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