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June 27, 2020
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Card Making Ideas - Rubber Stamps

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If you are new to card making and looking for card making ideas, rubber stamps are a perfect addition to your craft box. Rubber stamps can be used in a variety of ways so they are well worth investing in.

When you begin crafting or card making it is important that you do not rush out and buy everything you see, you will save a huge amount of money if you purchase a few items, some stamps and embossing powders until you discover some card making ideas or find what your special interest is whether it be animal stamps or flowers or what ever interests you.

Never by cheap stamps for your card making ideas, although some stamps are quite expensive they will produce a much better print and have a crisper look if they have been properly made.

Rubber stamps range in price, usually the larger or more detailed the more expensive it will be, I always consider how many times I can use a stamp for my card making ideas before I purchase one. Some of the larger stamps can also be repeatedly stamped and used for decoupage, which will create a completely different type of card.

If you do decide to use a rubber stamp for decoupage never cut into the embossed lines as this may cause the embossing powder to flake off and look unattractive.

I find the stamps that are mounted on a clear block are great for beginners as you can see exactly where you are stamping leaving less room for error.

The biggest tip I can give when using rubber stamps that you will emboss is to lightly brush the area of card you are going to stamp on with talc this will stop the embossing powder sticking to other parts of the card as well as the ink.

Always lay you stamp flat and take the inkpad to it rather than pushing the stamp into the inkpad, this will ensure the entire design on the stamp is evenly covered in the ink.

Remember once you have used the stamp it is important to clean the stamp and remove the entire ink residue. Depending on the type of in you have used for your card making ideas it may not be necessary to use expensive ink removers, I find an acid free baby wipe works just as well as some of the chemical solutions you can buy from craft shops.

Always store your inkpads level and upside down this will prevent uneven ink distribution and keep the ink on the top of the pad ready for its next use.

Rubber-stamping can be used for all your card making ideas and also for scrap booking, however it is important that you use ink that is acid free and fade resistant to keep your project looking bright and effective.


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