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As a new parent, you're filled with equal amounts of excitement and worry over your new baby. One worry is the amount of debt that can occur with a new child. BabyCenter.com distributed a survey to 1,000 new mothers and found the average parent spends over $10,000 during baby's first year. Baby expenses include diapers, clothes, food and an increase in basic utility costs.

20 Apr 20

With the proper baby beach gear and a bit of planning, having a baby doesn't have to mean giving up your coveted trips to the beach. By following these six tips, you and your baby will be enjoying the sun and surf in no time.1. Make sure you take a proper stroller. With it, you can easily bring everything you need for the afternoon.

03 May 20

When it comes to buying gifts these days, many of us prefer practical gifts. Choosing practical gifts even extends when there is a need of giving baby gifts. There are various occasions that require baby gifts, perhaps the most famous one is the baby shower. Buying practical baby gifts, however, can be a bit daunting sometimes.

23 May 20

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26 Sep 20
There is nothing like the feel and smell of your baby. It is what bonds Mother and child. The most common way to calm a fussy child is to pick them up and cuddle. It is a psychological and physiological need in every human. It is important to have that human contact, the feel of skin to skin. It is a part of the development and socialization of a baby.
08 Nov 20
That son or daughter you've always dreamed of having... are you going to leave that to chance? A 50/50 roll of the dice? Why not determine gender of baby yourself, through proven techniques that have worked for over 90% of couples who used them? Natural gender selection is a science, not a wives tale. If you and your partner would like to determine boy or girl, prior to conception, read on...
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17 Oct 20
Strollers have developed quite a bit in the past few years. In the past, if you were looking for a stroller you would have to choose between two main models: an oversized pram, (a large black stroller where the baby lies down), or a small, precarious stroller that your child would sit in, but would fly around the sidewalk and break easily.
18 Nov 20
For those of us who get the average 8 hours of sleep every night and naps in between the day, it would be logical to conclude that in total, we spend almost half of our lives curled up in our sheets.
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